Blueship embraces 3 meanings.
First is “blue”, from blue ocean strategy, finding an uncontested blue ocean and cultivating it. “An organization that focuses on an untouched, niche market space and creates new business.” “An organization which co-creates with customers a world without competition.”
Second is a “ship” sailing into the blue ocean. Each one of us is a crew cooperating to operate a ship called Blueship. “An organization that values teamwork.”
And third is “blue”, from blue-collar workers, indicating “producers” and “engineers”; and “ship”, from words like sportsmanship, meaning spirit. The two terms signify the concept of “an organization that will not forget the spirit of creation.”


Each bar represents the individuality of “people” of which Blueship is composed, and their aggregation portrays “words” which change into various forms depending on the meaning.

The equation to service

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