It is in our best interest
to satisfy our customers
by "improving their services
through discovery and
organizing their barriers".

Our IT Service

The IT business enviornment of today,

with its rapid growth expects for rapid adaptation to the new technologies.

However, making these adaptation is not always compatible in preserving the business resources.

Our business is to expand solution by focusing on IT servicss that protects “now”

and creating “tomorrow”.


Our Services

We support various IT Service Management from business development to operation maintenance and quality control.


We support library management and system release of domestic financial and government agencies for over 10 years.

Release Management Software,
RPA Work Improvement Solution,

Enhace your work efficiency with the No. 1 RPA software "WinActor" in Japan.

For those who desire advanced support for your own "WinActor".

telephone and
email support
Boot Camp

We provide our original tutoring method-based curriculum to teach "WinActor" scenario creation in depth.

Business solution support

We specialize in sharing the perspective and challenges of the regional people to achieve solutions.

Product branding and

Consulting services for international development and product resign

Establish IT web marketing for effective advertisement and promotion match the need for our times.

IT / Web

Blueship service

The core business of Blueship is organizing software management

from development to operation as well as providing standardized

service for IT systems that continue to diversify year after year.

1. “Provision of products”

We will reduce errors by automating manual work,

offering support in terms of software management to maintain

the quality of IT system.

2. “Provision of know-how”

By defining work procedure based on our standardized know-how,

we will assist our customers in smoothly carrying out their plans.

3. “Establishment of service”

We will work to establish that know-how on site.

We will support our customers’ IT systems by having our customers

utilize our services in good condition. Through such efforts,

we provide high value added services to safely operate

the systems. 


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